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Dental Implants – Cherry Hill, NJ

Permanent Tooth Replacement Made Possible

Despite innovations in dentistry that lead to healthier smiles in most of the population, you’re one of the 178 million Americans who are missing at least one tooth. There are plenty of ways to replace them, but traditional options like dentures and dental bridges have to be adjusted or replaced every few years. With dental implants, however, permanent tooth replacement is possible. By bringing back every part of a lost tooth, dental implants in Cherry Hill have the potential to last for several decades or even a lifetime! Contact our team at Meadvin Dental to schedule a dental implant consultation today!

couple with dental implants in Cherry Hill showing off their smiles

Why Choose Meadvin Dental for Dental Implants?

What Are Dental Implants?

dentist showing a patient a model of how dental implants work

Dental implants are very small, thin posts that resemble screws. Most of the time, they’re made out of titanium, which is a highly biocompatible metal. The main advantage of dental implants is that they fuse with the jawbone, which effectively makes them part of your body, just like the root structure of the teeth you used to have. This helps them look and feel incredibly natural because the dental crowns, bridges, and/or dentures that are secured on top of the implants via metal abutments have highly stable foundations to rest on. Their fusion to the jawbone also enables dental implants to have an average lifespan of 30+ years, compared to the five to ten years that traditional bridges and dentures typically last. For these reasons and more, dental implants are often Dr. Meadvin’s first recommendation for patients looking to replace their missing teeth.

The Dental Implant Process

dental implant, abutment, and crown being placed in a patient’s upper jaw

While replacing teeth with a dental bridge or denture might only take a few appointments, the dental implant process involves several steps. In fact, it can take six months, a year, or more until you can enjoy your new teeth to the fullest. However, you should know that while they take more time at first, dental implants’ exponentially longer lifespan makes them well worth the wait!

To ensure that your treatment is as safe and successful as possible, Dr. Meadvin has partnered with some of Cherry Hill’s most skilled and experienced dental implant specialists. You’ll have a trusted expert to help you through the surgical phase of the process before you return to our practice for your customized restoration.

Benefits of Dental Implants

smiling woman with curly hair

Due to their ultimate support, dental implants are generally considered the go-to method for replacing missing teeth. Not only can they completely restore your smile from the roots up, but they can also maintain your facial structure while avoiding further tooth loss. Since they directly anchor your restorations to your jawbone, you’ll be able to enjoy numerous advantages that you won’t find with other options, such as dentures and dental bridges. Read on to learn more about the benefits of dental implants in Cherry Hill, or give us a call today!

woman exercising benefits of dental implants in Cherry Hill

Day-to-Day Benefits

  • Easy maintenance: You won’t have to perform any special cleaning methods to maintain your new pearly whites. By simply practicing proper dental hygiene and visiting our team regularly for checkups, you can keep your restoration clean and healthy.
  • Improved chewing or biting power: You can regain 80% or more of your biting force with dental implants. Since they rebuild your teeth from the roots up, they’ll be stable enough to withstand excessive chewing like your natural pearly whites.
  • Increased confidence: Unlike dentures, you won’t have to worry about your dental implants shifting out of place when talking or eating. This means you can feel comfortable showing off a reliable and fully restored smile.
woman eating healthy benefits of dental implants in Cherry Hill

Health Benefits

  • Preserves the jawbone: By serving as your new permanent roots, dental implants will stimulate blood flow into your jawbone, preventing it from changing or shrinking. This will also help prevent further tooth loss in the long run by providing a strong foundation for your pearly whites.
  • Enhanced stability: Your restorations will be directly supported by the titanium posts in your jawbone, meaning they won’t move out of place. For this reason, you’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite meals without worries.
  • Better overall health: Tooth loss can be detrimental to both your oral and overall well-being, as it can increase your risk of other serious issues like diabetes and heart disease. By stimulating strong and healthy bone tissue, your dental implants can preserve your smile and protect your bodily health.
mature couple enjoying benefits of dental implants in Cherry Hill

Long-Term Benefits

  • Youthful appearance: By preventing facial shrinkage or an aged appearance, dental implants can help you maintain a younger look and smile for many years to come.
  • High success rate: These restorations have been found to have a success rate of 95% or more even 10 years after being placed. This makes them much more reliable compared to other tooth replacement options like dental bridges and dentures.
  • Long-lasting solution: While the restoration atop the metal posts may need to be replaced within several years or more, the dental implants themselves can typically last a lifetime with proper care.

Who Dental Implants Can Help

By replacing the roots of teeth instead of just the crowns, dental implants can recreate any number of lost teeth no matter where they were located in the mouth. During a consultation, Dr. Meadvin will personalize a treatment plan for you based on the number of teeth you’re missing.

Man at dentist for dental implants in Cherry Hill

Who Is a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

Pretty much any healthy adult can get dental implants. Here are the things that we consider when determining if someone makes a good candidate:

  • Good overall health: Placing dental implants is a surgical procedure, so you will need to be well enough to undergo minor surgery. 
  • Great oral health: Issues like cavities and gum disease can potentially cause dental implants to fail, so they’ll need to be addressed first.
  • Adequate jawbone density: Your jawbone must be strong enough to support dental implants for your treatment to be a success. 

If you don’t initially make a good candidate, there’s no reason to be discouraged. Many patients need to complete preliminary treatments, like tooth extractions, gum disease therapy, or bone grafting before they can get dental implants. We will help you to schedule these preparatory procedures to get you on track. Once you make a good candidate, we will put together a plan that’s right for you.

dental crown being placed on top of a single implant post

Missing One Tooth

To replace a single tooth, one implant post is positioned below the gumline, and a custom dental crown is attached to the implant. Compared to a dental bridge, which requires that two adjacent teeth are filed down, the approach is much less invasive.

dental bridge being placed on top of two implant posts

Missing Multiple Teeth

For two or more teeth in a row, we typically recommend anchoring a row of replacement teeth with a dental implant at either end for optimal support. To replace both consecutive and nonconsecutive teeth, an implant-supported partial denture may be used. Partials are typically secured onto two to four strategically positioned dental implant posts.

implant denture being placed on top of several implant posts

Missing All Teeth

A full denture can be attached to between four and six implant posts (depending on the size of patients’ natural jawline and tooth replacement prosthetic). Compared to traditional dentures, implant dentures create a more natural restoration and provide superior comfort and stability.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

dental team member explaining the cost of dental implants to a patient

There is no set price for dental implants because the cost is determined by your individual treatment plan. The amount is broken into separate phases. During your consultation, we provide you with a customized estimate and discuss your payment options. Here are a few important things to know about the cost of dental implants.

dentist looking at a patient’s X-rays

Consultation & Imaging

You’ll need an initial consultation to ensure you are a candidate for dental implants. Besides a visual examination, you need to have X-rays and a CT scan. This allows us to assess your oral structures while pinpointing the correct placement of your posts. You need to pay the consultation fees and the cost of the images, which can range from $25 to $200.

sinus lift procedure

Additional Procedures

It is common to need additional procedures before placing your implant posts. Depending on the type of treatment you need, it will increase the cost. On average, you can expect to pay:

  • Bone Grafting: $250 to $1,100
  • Tooth Extractions: $75 to $650
dentist placing a bridge onto dental implants

Dental Implant Placement

An oral surgeon surgically places titanium implant posts into your jawbone to act as new tooth roots. You will need to pay the surgeon’s fees and the cost of sedation or anesthesia. The number of posts you need impacts the amount you pay for your new smile. Depending on the type of posts you use, you will pay:

  • Standard Implant Post: $1,000 to $2,000 each
  • Mini Implants: $300 to $900 each
close-up of a smiling woman holding her cheeks

Dental Implant Restorations

The restoration phase of your treatment is often the most expensive. Besides the cost of your replacement teeth, you also need to pay for the abutments, which are $500 to $1,000 per fixture. The number of teeth you are replacing influences the cost of the restorations.

  • Single Unit Crown: $1,000 to $3,000
  • Implant-Supported Bridge: $6,000+
  • Implant Denture: $3,500 to $7,000+
person typing on a calculator

Options for Paying for Dental Implants

Don’t let the cost of the treatment prevent you from completing your smile. There are several ways to keep your procedure affordable, like using your dental insurance. Although it will not pay the entire cost, it will cover certain aspects until you reach your annual limit, such as the CT scans, anesthesia, and restorations.

To cover any remaining balance, we accept a variety of payment options, including CareCredit. You are given the funds you need, which you repay using a plan that accommodates your budget.

Dental Implant FAQs

dental implant patient admiring her new smile in the mirror

Dental implants in Cherry Hill truly are a tooth replacement option unlike any other, so it’s natural to have a few questions about them. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the most common inquiries we get about this state-of-the-art treatment below. If you don’t see the answer that you’re looking for below, don’t hesitate to call us and we’ll be more than happy to help!

How Do I Take Care of Dental Implants?

Taking care of your new dental implant is as easy as keeping the rest of your smile healthy. Unlike your natural teeth, it won’t be susceptible to tooth decay. However, plaque and bacteria can still attack the gums and other tissues that keep your dental implant in place, so it’s essential to practice excellent oral hygiene. Thankfully, your newly rebuilt smile won’t require any special care. Simply continue to brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day, floss between your teeth daily, and rinse with mouthwash regularly to maintain great oral health and your new tooth.

How Long Will It Take for My Dental Implants to Heal?

To form a solid foundation in your mouth, your dental implant undergoes osseointegration. This process simply means that the titanium post that has been inserted into your jaw fuses with the bone tissue around it. Depending on your unique circumstances, it may take anywhere from four to six months before it’s fully healed and ready for the restoration to be placed. While getting a dental implant takes more time than getting dentures or a fixed bridge, you can easily expect it to last for the rest of your life without needing to be repaired or replaced as long as you take care of it.

Can Dental Implants Fail?

Dental implants boast an overwhelming success rate of nearly 99%! However, failure is still a remote possibility. Factors like poor oral hygiene, smoking, and gum disease can drastically increase your risk of failure as well. This is because if bacteria accumulate and attack your jawbone and gum tissues, either while your dental implant is fusing with your jawbone or many years later, these structures can become damaged. Eventually, your dental implant can lose its grip in your smile and fall out. You can help keep it in place for a lifetime with a great daily dental routine, regular checkups with your Cherry Hill dentist, and quitting bad habits like smoking.

Are Dental Implants Worth the Cost?

Dental implants typically have a higher initial cost than that of other tooth replacement options like dentures or fixed dental bridges. These traditional treatments can quickly restore your complete set of pearly whites, but they aren’t guaranteed to last. Over time, they’ll become loose and uncomfortable, eventually needing to be replaced after five to 15 years. Not only is this inconvenient, but the cost can add up quickly. On the other hand, you can expect your dental implant to stay beautiful and functional for decades. What’s more, since it promotes better oral health and doesn’t put extra stress on the nearby teeth or gums, it saves you expenses related to issues like tooth decay and gum disease. The initial cost of dental implants is a worthwhile investment that can save you money in the long run.

Are you ready to schedule your dental implant consultation with Dr. Meadvin? Do you still have more questions about this state-of-the-art treatment? Give us a call today to start your journey towards regaining your complete, confident smile!

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