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Dental Implants – Cherry Hill, NJ

At Meadvin Dental, we are dedicated to offering patients the highest quality materials and dental care, and one of the many ways we continue to improve our practice is by placing and restoring dental implant supported tooth replacement prosthetics. Unlike traditional tooth replacement solutions, dental implant-retained crowns, bridges, and dentures restore both the visible parts of patients’ teeth and the underlying root structures. Contact our Cherry Hill dentist and team to find out more or schedule a dental implant consultation today.

Benefits of Dental Implants

In order to help patients determine whether or not dental implant tooth replacement is the best option to meet their needs, we’ll carefully review every aspect of your treatment plan, the advantages, and disadvantages. Some of the many benefits of dental implant tooth replacement that encourage patients to select this option include the following:

Indications for Dental Implant Tooth Replacement

Once the dental implant posts are placed by a specialist, we’re able to attach the dental restoration to the implant post using an abutment (connector piece that holds the replacement tooth or teeth in place).

One Missing Tooth

Implant supported crowns are used to replace a single tooth. One implant post is positioned below the gum line, and a custom dental crown is attached to the implant.

Multiple Missing Teeth

For two or more teeth in a row, we typically recommend anchoring a row of replacement teeth with a dental implant at either end for optimal support. To replace both consecutive and nonconsecutive teeth, an implant-retained partial denture may be used. Partials are typically supported with two to four strategically positioned dental implant posts.

Full Row of Missing Teeth

Dental implant supported full dentures are attached to between four and six implant posts (depending on the size of patients’ natural jawline and tooth replacement prosthetic). Dental implant retained dentures create a more natural restoration providing superior comfort and stability.

The Cost of Dental Implants

Finally, the cost of dental implant tooth replacement plans is another factor we’ll need to discuss during treatment planning. No implant-retained tooth replacement plan is exactly like any other, and we’ll need to examine your smile to provide an accurate estimate of the costs of your implant supported restoration option. Pricing varies based on the number and location of missing teeth, the materials used, manufacturers, type of replacement tooth or teeth (dental crown, bridge, or denture), and whether or not you need preparatory treatments like tooth extractions or tissue grafts. During your treatment consultation, we’ll walk you through the costs associated with every step of treatment. In some cases, your dental insurance policy will cover part of the costs of your replacement teeth, preparatory procedures, and other aspects of your treatment plan, and our team will process and file claims to ensure you receive the maximum available benefits. If you need to spread the cost of care out of over several smaller payments, we’ll also work with third party financiers to provide low and no interest financing options.

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